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06 February

5 Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

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The ability to connect with your audience is the foundation for any successful social media campaign. But many companies are finding it difficult to engage with their social audience. And without effective social media engagement, finding potential customers to grow your business is more difficult.  If this sounds familiar, try the following five tips to increase social media engagement:

Share interesting content

Your content, whether a web page or a blog, is the place where you normally engage with your customers, therefore, you should always make it count. Your content should not only be interesting, but it should also be genuinely useful, inspiring, and educational. You can share local stories that are relevant to your business, or you can tap into current trends in your industry. The bottom line is to find creative ways to update, inform, and entertain your target audience in a way that's relevant to them. The more they enjoy and finds value in your social media posts, the more likely they'll be willing to engage with you.

You also need to post more often to yield higher levels of engagement. Consider creating a social media schedule to help you post consistently. In addition to that, make sure you are posting at the right time. You will gain more engagement when you post at times when your audience are tuning into social media channels.

Run contests

Another great way of increasing social media engagement is to run contests; these could be for discounted services or products that you offer, or something that runs alongside your particular brand. That said you should know that social media contests have become rather common these days, so it is important do something different that stands out for attention.

Ask questions

This is an effective and easy way to get more engagement with your social media posts. Followers usually tend to comment and interact with content when prompted by a question. By including a question, you will be able to make your posts much more personal, which will in turn increase your social media engagement. If you want to make things even more interesting, try asking thought-provoking questions designed to genuinely get to know your audience.

You should also consider including a call to action in your social media posts. Call to actions usually instill psychological nudges which help businesses drive their target audience to respond in a manner that they want. However, you should avoid using common phrases such as “Like this post..." or "Please RT,” unless it's a promotion. Instead, you should try to be a little more creative.

Respond quickly

You should always respond professionally and promptly to any comments or/and questions from your social audience. If someone comments on your post, you should respond promptly, whether it is by answering the question or simply saying “thank you”. By doing so, your audience will know that you’re listening to them.

Use quality images

Using interesting images or short video clips with your social media posts is an easy way to dynamically increase engagement. Followers typically respond more to posts containing video or images. As a result, images can be very useful for capturing your audience’s attention. They also tend to stand out as followers scroll through their feeds.

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