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16 September

How to Make Your Business a Star on Facebook Live

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Facebook Live is a live streaming feature that allows users to share live video and engage with audiences in real time. It was released in April 2016, and since then has become very popular with not only the general public, but also businesses as a way of producing live streaming videos.

This feature enables businesses of all sizes to conveniently tap into the power of social media marketing. Businesses can with its target audience, build community, increase brand awareness, and nurture relationships.

Go Behind the Scenes

Customers rarely get to see exactly how things run behind the scenes. Facebook Live allows you to give your audience a glimpse into your business by showcasing your products, your employees, and how everything comes together.

Product Tutorials and Demos

If you have some tips for using your products or services that you wish to share, you can use Facebook Live to provide a live product demonstration. You can guide your customers on how to use certain features, while answering their questions in real-time. You can utilize this opportunity to show your expertise, and impress the audience with your level of professionalism.

Promote an Upcoming Event

Facebook Live is a cost-effective and smart way of announcing an upcoming event. If you have planned an event, you can create a Facebook post to share the details and invite participants to tune-in to your Live stream broadcast.

Announce New Products and Services

Facebook Live is a great way for businesses to launch their products and services. Whenever you are rotating new products/services into your business, you can feature them in a live stream broadcast. During the broadcast, make sure you keep it short, simple, authentic, and inform your target audience about all the benefits and highlights of the new service or product.

Live Q&A Sessions

Facebook Live is not a one way channel. Anyone who is tuned in to the live broadcast can easily type a message which will appear on your screen. This basically means that you can give your customers the opportunity to learn more about your business by answering their questions during a live stream. You can also reverse the roles and even ask them some questions. This is a perfect way to get immediate insights and feedback into your customers' needs and wants.

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