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smartphone message readTwitter recently unveiled its new timeline feature aimed at giving users more control over their feed. This is a big change from the standard reverse chronological order of tweets in user feeds.

According to Twitter, having more important tweets at the top of the feed will be more meaningful resulting in higher engagement. “We’ve already seen that people who use this new feature tend to Retweet and Tweet more, creating more live commentary and conversations, which is great for everyone,” noted Mike Jahr, senior engineering manager in a recent blog post.

social media can attract customers to your businessSocial media has changed the way we communicate. In an instant, you can broadcast a message that could be read by millions of people around the world. Companies are using social media services to respond to customer inquiries, keep an eye on trends and increase brand awareness.

But what many small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals really want to know is how they can connect with their customers and grow their business. So, with that in mind, here are five proven ways to do just that:

social media political campaignFor the past year, much of the political debate has taken place in the social media arena and that influence appears to be growing. Back in 2008, it was then Senator Barrack Obama who masterfully used social media to galvanize support and it had profound effects on voter turnout that helped him win the historic election.

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