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Social media is driving more sales than ever before. Is your company in the driver’s seat?Reach your social audience with IntelliReach Social

Recent studies indicate that the majority of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a business that they follow on social media. It is expected that more than half of e-commerce sales will occur as a result of social media in the near future. 

IntelliReach™ features an exclusive three-tier approach to grow your brand, gain credibility in your market and attract more visitors to your website.

We serve clients, from start-ups to mid-size companies, in a variety of industries including automotive, healthcare, hospitality, professional services, real estate, retail and technology, to name a few.

Our social media marketing and management service takes care of all your blogging and social media needs in one affordable package. It's like having your own social media team at a fraction of the cost. And for a complete 360-degree complete internet marketing solution, search engine optimization (SEO) can be added to any plan.

All monthly service plans include original blog posts written exlusively for your blog by professional writers and optimized for your audience. Plus, we'll personally reply to your messages and forward comments, reviews and leads from your social audience.

For more information about lifting your social media marketing and search engine optimization off the ground, speak with a sales consultant at (800) 448-5520 for a free quote today!

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