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hashtagSocial media is playing an increasingly important role in a company's ability to market their brand online. And one way to help ensure social media messages reach their target audience is using a hashtag when posting images or other advertising materials.

However, hashtags are often used incorrectly or inappropriately. In fact, some companies may find that their incorrect use of hashtags is actually hurting their bottom line.

social crowdsMore and more companies have begun using social media as part of their overall marketing approach. Unfortunately, far too many companies are not seeing the results they initially hoped for when starting their social media accounts.

In many cases, this is because companies choose to focus on the quantity of their social media followers rather than on the quality of their followers.

how to start a conversationThe social media landscape has provided businesses with ways of starting conversations with their followers and driving real engagement. However, starting meaningful conversation and keeping it going can be an arduous task.

So, here a few tips that can help you start a constructive conversation with your social media followers.

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