Streaming Partner Network

Reach millions of streaming viewers

No CTV ad, no problem.

Our talented video productions services team will produce a custom video that meets our network's technical specifications.

Tap into our brand-safe platform featuring over 85 live channels from popular networks like Disney, ESPN and Food Network.

Are you looking to reach a wider audience with your advertising? Over 70% of Americans now stream their favorite TV shows, sports, and movies, on digital devices. And this number is only going to grow. With our Streaming Partner Network, you have the power to reach over 100 million ad-supported streaming viewers in a brand-safe environment.

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Reach your target audience,
increase brand awareness

• Performance-based Platform

Unlike other platforms that charge for partial views, you only pay for video ad impressions after the viewer watches the entire ad.

• Precision Targeting

Create one or more audience profiles using over 1,000 points, including demographics, geolocation, socioeconomics, interests, and other behaviors, to precisely target your CTV ads.

• Any Screen, Any Device

We automatically adapt your video ads to fit the viewing screen of your audience on their television, smartphone, tablet.

• Guaranteed Placement

When you place your order on our network, you will receive immediate confirmation of availability. We guarantee your ads to run as promised.

• Mutual Exclusivity

With a two-break cushion, we guarantee that your ad will not run in the same commercial break as a competitor.

• IntelliMetrix™ Reports

Our exclusive IntelliMetrix™ reports offer comprehensive data-driven analytics on the outcomes of your CTV advertising, SEO, social media, and other digital marketing campaigns in a single report.

Streaming Partner Network

Your SEO plan includes access to our Streaming Partner Network,

which includes over 80 of America's top TV channels with guaranteed placement for your non-skippable CTV ads.

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Get more leads and sales when you connect your CTV ad campaign to LiveLeads Plus

Experience the power of seamless call management from your CTV advertising campaigns, ensuring that qualified leads are instantly connected to your sales team in real-time.

Revolutionize Your Business With Our Streaming Partner Network

Partner with us to tap into the power of streaming TV advertising and reach your target audience with unmatched precision. Our customized CTV advertising services are designed to drive results for your business, with no monthly fees. You only pay for the impressions your video ads receive. Call 1-800-725-7950 or book an appointment online today to speak with a Marketing Specialist!


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